Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thrift Store Pants

Wow, was that two months?  Whoosh, gone.  The past does not exist.

Well, here we are.  And what do I have to show for it:  A new body of work, including a giant freakin' painting I'm going to have to give to a museum or something; a new-improved (read cleared out and expanded) studio; a new-improved office (read moved out of the studio); and three pairs of thrift store pants I picked up while on vacation in Connecticut.  I'm particularly excited about the pants.

Let me describe them to you:

  1. 1960s grey pinstripe suit bottoms, with narrow legs and a change pocket.  Nicely tailored, material unknown, possibly wool.
  2. Recent Old Navy brown cords, very comfy, slightly baggy.  Should be back in fashion any minute now.
  3. Sort of yoga pant black girlie tight soft cottony things.  Like euro pajamas only more ninja. 

I've also been gathering driftwood and other Hudson River detritus for said River series.  The oval is on vacation and I'm painting all sorts of other hard-edge shapes on old plywood and other stuff that's washed ashore in these parts.

And I have a stack of 2x lumber, also beach combed, that I'll either use to build a long wall in my studio (long enough for that 15-foot painting I mentioned) or a sort of Miesian Romany caravan idea I've been kicking around.

More later.

Picture is Vincent van Gogh's Caravans - Gypsy Camp near Arles, 1888, oil on canvas