Monday, August 10, 2009

Moped Gangs

Nice piece in Wired, mostly about a Brooklyn moped "gang." Good pix.

I have a soft spot for these little bikes. I've owned about twenty-five motorcycles over the last few decades, but my first, at the age of sixteen, was a metallic blue Suzuki AP50. Great little bike, capable of 55 mph - or 60 downhill, lying flat on the tank (you're lucky if you get 35 mph out of most mopeds).

Mopeds on eBay:

The best way to do a general search for mopeds on eBay is in the "scooters and mopeds" section of "powersports" on eBay motors.

You can also use the engine size "250cc or less" search parameter in "motorcycles," but you'll have to wade through over 1000 bikes at any given time. Unfortunately, there is no "50cc or less" search option, in "motorcycles," even though lots of people list their mopeds there, rather than in "powersports."

Finally, you can search by make and model number, or make and engine size, like "Honda 50," and further narrow your search by selecting either [Honda 50] "motorcycles" or [Honda 50] "powersports" from the menu on the left.

However, you may miss a few if the "50" has letters around it, like "AP50," in the case of my Suzuki.

Good luck, and always wear a helmet!

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