Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zero is the Beginning

I have a soft spot for zeros (a ten year soft spot) and reductive art in general. Zero Group, Group ZERO, Group 0, or simply Zero, the movement (1957-1966), didn't always produce works as entirely reductive as the name might suggest, but Yves Klein kept it blissfully simple at least some of the time.

Above images include Yves Klein's IKB 79, 1959 and Jean Tinguely's D├ębricollage, 1970 (both from the Tate collection), and Otto Piene at work in his studio.


  1. Yeah, that tool sculpture is cool but not so zero. I get the little "hand" icon when scrolling over, but when I click, no larger image or link, FYI.

  2. Please remove photo at top - it is posted without permission and attribution.