Monday, November 16, 2009

Description of a Painting

"One of the heroes of the Battle of Lepanto, Requesens is here seen with his right hand resting upon a helmet with dark red plumes and his left, upon his sword hilt. He has blue-gray eyes, and his brown hair is turning gray. Across his suit of damascened armour is a red scarf. At his neck and wrists are narrow white ruffs. His sword is suspended at his side from a narrow black belt. The background is brown. A green curtain edged with gold fringe is draped at the left. On the wall at the right is hung a picture in a black frame representing a dark-eyed lady in a black gown adorned with buttons of pearls set in gold. A narrow ruff finishes her high collar. Her hair, of varying shades of brown, is covered by a transparent white coif, ornamented with rubies and pearls; the ends of the coif fall over her shoulders and meet at her breast."

Elizabeth du Gué Trapier describing a "supposed" portrait of Don Luis de Requesens y Zuñiga, attributed to Antonio Moro, in the Hispanic Society of America's Catalogue of Paintings (16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries), 1929.

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