Monday, February 2, 2009

Meanwhile, Britta at the North Pole

I don't know Britta or exactly what she does, other than calculate the amount of steel in a building that's being demolished and shipped back to the US and take some interesting pix.  I think she's Danish and that English is not her first language, though I'm thankful she just switched to it for her recent posts.  I stumbled on her blog, Why The World Rotates..., by complete chance and thought it might make for some symmetry, as I'm doing so many posts about Antarctica.  It's mid-winter up there in Brittaworld and dark pretty much 24/7 (the picture was taken at midday), just as it's light pretty much 24/7 in mid-summer Antarctica right now.

Other than the eternal nocturnal of the Arctic winter, Britta is experiencing pizza delivery, rabid polar foxes and frequent static electric shocks.  She also, apparently, has the same snow boots I do.  Small world, indeed.

Pic from Why The World Rotates..., AKA

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  1. Hi James
    Great to hear from somebody who is in the same situation, and still so different. we're entering the worst part of Storm season right now up here. hopefully we have enough Tacos to survive. Anyway, great to hear from you, An artist in Beacon (not Bacon)