Monday, February 2, 2009

Shackleton's Hut

Another friend just told me about Michael Bartalos's very own polar project, The Art of Recycling in Antarctica: The Long View.  These days you have to take out everything you take in, but as Michael writes in his highly informative blog, Ernest Shackleton's hut is still there after more than 100 years, contents and all.

Thanks Eric.  

Eric also mentioned that he's going to see a performance of music from Werner Herzog's new movie, Encounters at the End of The World.  Could be good.  Coincidentally, yet another friend (from here in Beacon, no less) is also in Antarctica, as a crew member on a ship.  As Eric says, Antarctica seems to be a bit trendy right now.  Sorry, Mr. Penguin.

Photo Michael Bartalos.

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