Monday, May 11, 2009

Homeless Chateau in Thailand

We may need to call this Asian Week, here in Beacon, NY (see my last post about Big Bambú).  I've just received word that the Homeless Chateau has been written about in the "Technology, Gadgets and Geeky" section of My Siam.  And three is a charm:  Ran into a friend at the health food store, today, who wants some bamboo from my garden (it's big, but not that big).

More about the Homeless Chateau here.

PS:  The Starns' Big Bambú is not to be confused with (or is it) the 1972 Cheech and Chong album of the same name, or Big Bambu (no acute accent), the bamboo rolling papers made by a Spanish company, Bambu, which was recently convicted of using carcinogens in its papers to cut costs.  Bad trip.  

...But wait, are the Starn Brothers saying that their Big Bambú is like a giant spliff, or a stoner joke ...or could be made into rolling papers when the piece is deinstalled?  I'll keep you posted.

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