Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Polyurethane Good for You?

As I've been using heavy-duty gymnasium floor polyurethane to weatherize the Homeless Chateau's structural panels these past few days, I don't actually know the answer to this question, or any questions.  In fact, I can barely count the fingers on my hands or remember my name.  Such is the effect of huffing poly in my basement studio.  Not intentionally, mind you (those days are over).  I do have the doors and windows open and an extractor fan on.  I don't think I'd be writing this, if I hadn't had some ventilation.

In the past, I've used polyurethane so green it was almost drinkable, for the Plywood Chateaux, for example.  But part of the "fun" (hah!) - or necessity - of the Homeless Chateau is doing it on the cheap.  And, as I had a five gallon bucket of gymnasium floor coating left over from another job and beginning to turn into Jello, I thought I'd do the right thing and save it from going in the landfill, and destroy some brain cells.  See how I ramble?  Entirely the fault of gymnasium floor poly.

Blessedly, the final coat goes on tomorrow, then it dries overnight and, hopefully, reassembly of the Homeless Chateau in its new artist residency location begins on Tuesday, weather and health permitting.

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