Sunday, July 5, 2009

Piaggio (Vespa) Ape in the US, Please

The Piaggio Ape (pronounced ah-pay) is available in the UK, so why not here in the US?  I vote for getting them stateside, ASAP.  I love the description on the UK Ape site for the van model, top:

Suitable for big deliveries.
  • Most suitable vehicle for the transportation of big loads within the city
  • Big loading deck
  • Spacious drive cab
  • 2.5 cubic metres of available space for almost 700 Kg of transportable weight

By "big deliveries" they mean 88 cubic feet and 1500 pounds.  Actually, not bad compared to other three-wheelers on the market, including the Chinese-made Wildfire WF650-C four door passenger model, which is available in the US and has a measly 500 lb maximum load capacity (about one-and-a-half average Americans).  Wildfire's WF650-T pickup has the same weight limit, but it is a wee bit cheaper than the 650-C.   

Caution:  Anyone jonesing for a three wheeler should read this very funny Car and Driver review before plunking down their $7731 for the WF650-C.

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    Hello James

    Take a look at this page. The Baja is an Indian copy of Piaggio Ape