Monday, June 1, 2009

Airstream Obsession: PanAmerica Artist's Studio

Every five or six years my constant low-grade Airstream fever flares up to the point of visiting a dealership, comparing floor plans and specs, running the numbers, researching the perfect tow vehicle and convincing myself and N. that we really could downsize by 3,000 percent.

An avid researcher, herself, N. had actual books on the subject of full time RVing, when I was still living in a single-wide in rural New Mexico, just beginning to dream of something a bit more mobile, aluminum and cigar-shaped. I guess we were made for each other.

She's even OK with my studio being a bit bigger than hers, which is great because the new 2009 Airstream PanAmerica has a nice big (11 x 8 feet – trust me, that's big in a trailer) artist's studio. At least I see it as a studio. Designed to be a toy hauler (i.e. it can carry a couple of Harleys in the hold), the 34-foot PanAmerica would make a kick-ass mobile live/work loft, or even a stationary one (I'd settle).

No more painting at your trailer's dinette table or miniature kitchen counter. This bad boy Airstream is begging for an artist beta tester (who doesn't work too big). Sign me up.

Update, Sunday, October 25: Airstream has now added, "...or even an artist's studio" to their PanAmerica blurb. You saw it here first, folks. Now they really need to give me one for a full art studio try out.

PanAmerica pic from Airstream.

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