Monday, June 1, 2009

Homeless Chateau Gets Out

It's up, it's outside, it's ready for visiting artists to live and work in for up to a week at a time.  It's the Homeless Chateau (a.k.a. Chateau for Homeless Artist) – the smallest freestanding artist residency structure in the world.  The bed, stove and portable toilet will be installed when the Chateau is in use.  Right now it's a raw 4 x 4 x 8-foot "loft" space.  

The blue tarp, inspired by Japan's "zero yen" houses (excellent book available here), keeps the Homeless Chateau cool and dry, and the newly installed insect screens – fixed on the end wall and sliding on the front – keep the bugs out.  

Enquiries from artists interested in taking part in a residency should be made via the "contact" email link here.  I'm also happy to answer questions on this blog.  More information in an earlier post here.


  1. Hello,
    I would like to apply for the residency.
    I am a comedy writer and I would like to submit funny, unpublished jokes to be accepted. Spending time with nature will make me even funnier...I hope. Would it be possible to lock me at night?
    Contact me at

  2. Sorry, Garth, no lock-ins. However, the NY Downstate Correctional Facility is nearby. I believe they have a literacy program. I'll forward your contact information to them.

  3. Hey James,

    My sad, shut-in friend Gerald Lastarza whose phone number and address I will gladly supply to anyone who wants it sent you that note with my name on it. He is a washed up ex Chippendale dancer whose mind has been addled by too much growth hormone and Joe Weider Carbo Fuel shakes. Either way, thanks for liking my website and my blog.

  4. There isn't much room for a pole, I'm afraid.