Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free Chateau

As I just said in the comments section of a piece Undernews published about the Homeless Chateau, I will give the prototype to the first benefactor who will provide a safe, warm, dry space in which to park the Chateau and ensure that a homeless individual will benefit from it.  Said benefactor will also need to provide transportation of the Homeless Chateau from Beacon, NY, where it is currently located.

I am also considering a sponsorship program in which donors will pay $500 per Homeless Chateau, to cover materials and fabrication costs.  Others will donate transportation of the Chateaux and donate spaces in which homeless people will live in the Chateaux.

Homeless Chateaux can also be easily "cloned" at remote locations, i.e. almost anyone can make them, almost anywhere.  The materials are basic, standardized and readily available from local lumberyards and big box hardware stores.

I encourage people around the country to build Homeless Chateaux, or something like them, and to urge their local municipalities and landlords with appropriate vacant spaces to donate those spaces for homeless individuals to live in the Chateaux.

Alternatively, give a homeless person a house, or a room in your house.  Or, at the very least, a warm coat and a warm sleeping bag.  It's cold out there.  If you're on a tight budget, yourself, and can't afford to gift a sleeping bag or coat, homeless people also need socks.  

More on homeless issues at The Homeless Guy blog.  Kevin "The Homeless Guy" Barbieux also has an excellent list of links to other homeless blogs.

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