Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Power Station Ate My Solar Panel

Picture a time when we're all living in trailers or pods, some of us in plywood boxes inside the semi-ruined, unheated husks of our houses or disused, hopefully, Wal-Marts (strains of David Bowie's "Future Legend," from the album Diamond Dogs, playing in the background).  Not that I want this to happen and not that it will.  

...But maybe.  

It was reassuring, if strangely disconcerting, to read in yesterday's NYT that at at least three gulf oil states "are making a concerted push to become the Silicon Valley of green energy."  I guess they know that oil prices won't stay under the magic number of $70/barrel for ever.  Magic, because below $70 and it's not really "worth" investing in green energy.  And they know that oil will run out soon, and before it runs out it will get too expensive for most of us.

In the meantime, dirty energy is cheap energy.  Par-tee.

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