Friday, January 9, 2009

Wolves of the Snow

A busy day today, out in the sunny, slippery-icy real world.  I deinstalled a piece in one exhibition space and another gallery sold a painting.  eBay has also been going gangbusters the last few days.  Turns out people want happy, smiling 1960s fabric dolls.  And why not.  My Amazon sales have slowed down a bit since the holidays, so do yourself a favor, buy some cool music or a good book, help support an artist.  Together we can jump-start this darned economy ...right?  

I started a book last winter, working title Wolves of the Snow, and I'm thinking of serializing it on Twitter.  N.'s started using Twitter as another string to her professional bow.  Not that I want to spend any more time on the computer.  ...But if it's in the cause of art, now that I can justify.  Here's just a taste, an excerpt, one of those beginning of chapter quotes (in this case the words of a made-up mythological figure):

That clatterous beast awoke in me such fear, that I had rather misplaced my life than my sword.  But reigning in my terror, I mustered to face, as if deep-mirrored lake, the truth of that unvanquished foe.  For here was where my true fear stood.  Not before the castle keep, but within my own imagining, as if a self-shot arrow to the heart.

Arthur of Tremol

It may take some time to write a whole book on Twitter, so, in the meantime, here's a book about pee-drinking, time traveling kids, to while away the winter hours.  

Closed-system symmetry:  To buy is to sell, to sell is to buy, to give is to receive.  Ask China.

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