Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Love the Italians

I love so many things about them.  Marcus Arelius, for one, Michelangelo Antonioni for another, and all their women.  I love that Italians take their design seriously; I love that they always make the effort to write something original about my work, rather than just cutting and pasting from Shedworking or TreeHugger; and I love that they always like to mention that I'm Brazilian (among other things).

Here's the robo-translation of a recent post on  

"The artist of Brazilian origin James Westwater has devised this inhabited module a lot interesting.  Homeless Chateau is called and is small mobile space where it can be slept and be lived.  In fact this "portable house" is complete of all confort of a normal room, comprised read space and the stove in order to cook.  This module is equipped of small wheels for being moved more easy, it has been realized with recycle materials, and has a main structure in wood."

And I love their motorcycles.

I'm thinking of kitting out the Homeless Chateau with a set of Italian flag reflectors, as pictured above.

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