Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Talk

The market is plummeting this week, the jobless claims are higher than previously thought, it's the middle of winter and people are scared about the future.  Some people are cold, some are living in fear, others in abject terror.  People are being killed by missiles, bombs, tanks, guns, knives, bare hands.  And let's not forget all the animal cruelty – medical experimenting, factory farming, inhumane slaughtering, abuse.  

But there's hope, right? 

There's always hope.  For one thing, nature trundles on, impassively, not maliciously.  Whether a tiny bird, fluffed up against the cold, or a homeless person living in a box on the streets of Tokyo, London, or New York, if you can survive the cold, the predators, and the slings and arrows of the human race, you have a chance to appreciate life, nature, the comfort of other living creatures.  The good days do come along, spring follows winter.  OK Chauncey, shut up now.

Image from Stone Soup Station.

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