Thursday, January 22, 2009

Muntader/Muntadar al-Zaidi's Shoes For Sale on eBay

Sorry if this is old news, but this man's still a hero, in my book.

According to a BBC story last month, the former coach of the Iraq soccer team, Adnan Hamad, has offered $100,000 for the shoes, and an unnamed Saudi citizen has offered $10m.  I say sell them on eBay and raise money to help poor Iraqis hurt by the war.  So far, the only decent thing available on eBay is this humorous pin, and a few other things here. is for sale on eBay for $1m.  And here's a silly, if vaguely satisfying, online game, where you get to be the shoe-thrower.

You can buy the same model shoes here (sorry, they're neither "traditional" nor cool-looking).  Story here in the Guardian, and pictures of the owner of the shoe company with his famous shoe here.  As of a month ago, the increase in demand for the shoes had created 100 thousand new jobs at the Turkish manufacturer, Baydan Shoes.

Now that Mr. Bush is out, perhaps Mr. Zaidi's fortunes will fare better.  I hope.  His trial has been postponed while it is decided whether he should be charged with either assaulting or insulting Mr. Bush.  Here's a "Free Al-Zaidi" site.  And some recent news about the prisoner.  Lastly, an interesting story from January 19:  According to the BBC, Mr. Zaidi is seeking asylum in Switzerland. 

Associated Press picture via thinkbridge (and pretty much everywhere).

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